Uv unwrappin dilemma (not getting straight lines)

so I have this uber simple shape that I have seam marked so it wraps the most perfect way, but for some reason blender wan’t to tilt the angle of the wrap so the texture is all jerky and shitz. How I can unwrap in the way that the lines are straight as they suppose to be ?

outer loop makes a circle without cut

Even though your shape is very simple, it’s still impossible to unwrap with no seams or stretching. The same is true of a globe.

why is it that blender doesn’t understand streaight lines in the wrap editor and I have to manually do it ? is it a bug or design flaw that needs to be done better so it works ?
I tried to add extra seems, but it didn’t help still it was all wonky.

You need to place more seams, also enable stretching overlay in uv editor, it will show you problem areas.

Similar example to yours:

In 2 model a lot of stretching gets eliminated by marking whole ring as seam.

In 3rd we eliminate minor stretching issues and get unwrap with zero stretching.

I also recommend to create simple uv checker material for unwrapping to spot issues more easily (create new image in blender, but set type to Color Grid instead of Blank):

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I tested to manually move each unwrapped faces to fit the texture and stumbled upon this problem which is why I asked help here in the first place. So as you see from the picture when you follow E5 when I move it it seems that it’s not even possible to seamlessly attatch faces in 3D enviroment. Seems it’s only possible to connect 2 dimension in this case I think Z & X, but third is always not “alinged” (Y in this case) and always off so it’s trade off just which 2 of the 3 dimension you can unwrap seamlessly. This is why in my first post I think the best unwrap would be how I did it so I can hide the parts that can’t fit together on the backside of this mesh sinse the final photo is taken from the front, but seems it can’t be done or did I completely miss understood something ? :smiley:

What comes to Fracture 64 help I don’t quite understand what your saying, but I understood 3rd unwrap way and I managed to do that as well, but now thinking maby my new approach could be the best one though I’m definetly not sure.