uv-unwrapping a wavefront(.obj) file

Hi there, to the blender artists community, I’m new to your site as far as posting goes but i have been following it for some time now and has helped me a lot in some difficult tasks i had to complete. Here comes the problem then, i have been sent a .obj file by one of my friends to use in one of my projects. It is literally all tris, i tried using the “tris to quads” function but it is still a mesh. I want to unwrap it the best way possible, is there any other way than smart_uv project? I want to avoid the numerous seams it will create in order to texture it. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you in advance for the help!

You can unwrap it manually, use short path selection, select a vertex hold ctrl then select an other vertex keep going, then mark seams

Thank you for the replies guys and the tips of course! I will inform you of any progress or potential success happens.

if you include a few screen shots it would help

depending on just WHAT shape it is
dictates HOW the mapping is done

Yes you are right John, i swamped and i totally forgot that! it is a skeleton of a horse! here it is. Its head, spine, pelvis and tail consist of one part, its jaw another and finally its legs are individual parts as well.

It is a bit a crud way but i started bit by bit making the tris into quads manually it will take a bit of time but i think i can do it. I hope i clarified everything better this time. Thanks again of everyone’s help

Sorry for not replying for so many days but i got so wrapped up on work that i totally forgot! It was a bit hard but i did it, i manually made all the tris into quads, at least most of them, some where on the spine and and i decided to leave it alone cause it wouldn’t affect the end result. Then i cut the model in half and mirrored it and unwrapping it was far easier than expected it. I wanted to let you know, thanks again for your help!