UV unwrapping gives me a black bar

Hi guys,
So im trying to put a simple label on a jar that im doing…
This is what i have done:

  • I have created the exact shape dimensions on my object, where I want my label to be. I have assigned a vertex group to this selection.

  • i have unwrapped this selection. Then, in the UV editor, I saved exported the UV layout.

  • in photoshop, opened the UV layout, created a label that fit the wrapping exactly and saved it as a photoshop file.

  • in blender…I added a image texture to the assigned material and selected the photoshop file that i created.

The label shows…but it shows a black bar in the image. This is exactly where the the my psd file had an empty space/canvas. So basically, it puts the entire UV grid on the final image…not just the unwrapped part which contains my label. Also, it seems like its strecthing out my label horizontally… so the aspect ratio seems wrong…

i have tried setting the image texture to clip…but that doesnt work… Im probably doing something stupid… but what?

It may help you to load the label image into the UV editor. At the bottom of the window (can’t see it in your screenshot because you cropped it) there’s a dropdown menu where you can select any image texture in your scene. Selecting your label will show it in the UV editor so you can see exactly how your UVs are lining up with the image.

See how the selected (orange) UVs don’t completely fill the light gray square in the UV editor? That might be the cause of the problem. That light gray square represents the whole image texture. If you load up your actual texture, the square will take on the aspect ratio of your image. Regardless, the first thing I’d try is to grab the top vertices of your UVs and drag them up or down. That may solve both the horizontal stretching (it might actually be vertically squashing) and the black bar.

Thank you Nox for your reply… I think i know what i was doing wrong… I unwrapped my selection, and then exported the UV layout to photoshop… there I fit my image to the wrap selection. But i cropped the empty parts of the layout… which messed up the ratios en stuff. If i keep the layout dimensions as is… and then i open them in the editor… Everything works fine and I dont even have to tune up my image…

So problem solved…thank you for your assistance!