UV Unwrapping, stretched, not sure why.

Hi folks,

I’m completely new at using Blender and its been about 6 years since I learned anything about 3d modeling (I had four or five Maya based classes).

I am trying to create a very simple shape with a simple texture to get myself started. I am having a problem that I have seen a lot of people have had (I did a google search or two to solve this already) but a lot of the solutions I see suggested are not working for me or (more likely) I am trying to use those solutions incorrectly.

You can see in my below screenshot that I have a hexagon with a circle cut through it. Now I am trying to unwrap it.

At first I tried to use the Mark Seam method I have seen in a few tutorials and in the Blender manuals and I got results that were close to what I wanted but a little distorted. As a test I then used the Smart UV Project method of unwrapping. Now I am so close to perfect that I feel there must be something to do on my end that will get me there.

For the record, during my google searches I have run into some common themes, so I would like to list what I have tried:

I noticed in other posts that if a texture is not a perfect square, then the UVs appear stretched so I made sure to use a square texture.

I made sure to go into object mode, and set my scale, rotation, and position using the Ctrl+A shortcut.

I checked the “Correct Aspect” box in the UV unwrapping options. (I tried it without doing this and it looks exactly the same.)

Like I said, I feel like I am very close to where I need to be and that there is some simple piece of advice I am missing. All I would like is for the hexagons to be hexagons and not stretched, and then I feel like I have a handle on this.

I appreciate any help I can get. Thanks!

Unwrapping ngons (> four sided faces) can cause issues, try and avoid them.
You can unwrap the top and bottom faces by looking straight at them and unwrap from view

Upload your blend file to http://pasteall.org/blend/ and reply with the download link. Before saving your blend file ensure you pack all textures using the File / External Data menu

Before I try uploading my file would it be worth it to split all of my polygons into tris? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if that is likely the issue.

Ok, so I reduced everything to triangles. Once doing so, the normal unwrap worked a LOT better, and even revealed some extra faces that shouldn’t have been there.

It turns out there were some duplicate vertices and that was what was causing the issues. I thought I had already removed doubles but I might not have had everything selected correctly or I might have undone that after it appeared to do nothing the first time.

Regardless, the triangle thing fixed all of my problems. Thanks!