UV vertices connected, but there's a gap between faces. Bug?

Having a weird issue with my UVs. For some reason there’s a noticeable gap between the faces at the edges, as seen on the second pic, even though the vertices are connected and aligned correctly. The mesh is using a single material.

Is this a bug?


Hard to tell without a blend file. How was the UV map done? Was it seam marked by you? Or smart UV mapped are the gaps just island margins and if so do you have the islands all the right direction? If not a blend file at least an image not cropped and showing the whole UV map might help to get proper answers.

Here’s the blend file. What I did was UV unwrap the top side, and then the wall. After that I adjusted and connected the UV islands.


pool rim wip.blend (512 KB)

Nevermind, I feel so dumb now. The island was misaligned. I moved the the bottom two islands to the top and it’s fine now. Sorry about that, still learning.