UV Warp Modifier

I found this modifier useful for achieving the trick of the standing car and the moving landscape.

Can be watch at Youtube: http://youtu.be/PnF6XdmNhCs
and also at Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/62909415

Cool idea. I’m just trying to understand this modifier now. Do you know how the control object distance relates to the UV image warping?

Excellent results. I will definitely store this tutorial for when I start to study animation in Blender.

Muchas gracias!

This physical effect is called “Motion parallax” I think. Does anyone know if in movies/animations it have a technical name?

Edit 2:
In google images you can find some seamless landscapes that may be useful for long scenes.

Thanks Yafu & Hammers.

Hammers: The control object distance doesn´t affect the UV image. It just will move it along two axis.

Cool. Disney studios used a multi plane rostrum camera decades ago and seamless loops for backgrounds are certainly a staple of the industry.