UV weirdness

I tried some more experiementing with UV. I made a triangle, and changed texture from orco to UV. But when I render blender adds 2 halfs of the image, insead of just stretching the image to fit the triangle. I think my tutorial is leaving out parts, since it did not mention anything about face select mode. Is UV realy that easy or not?

i dont really understand what happend with the two halfs thing your talking about…but for uv to work the way u want it to, the face mode u mentioned is needed…split your blender screen into two windows…the left is the 3d window, and on the right, bring up the image window…
in the 3d window, select your trianlge and press F…now your in face mode… on the right, u should notcie a wireframe triangle outline appear…now any image within that triangle outline is what will show up on your trianlgle…so load an image in the image window, and fit your triangle outline over the part of the pic u want to show up on it.u can select one or two points, or move the whole triangle using G, S, R… NOW after adding the image texture to your material, hitting UV will use the uv positioning u just did… do ya understand?

When you’re in face select mode and have the faces you want to apply the texture to selected and have the texture selected/loaded in the image window you can select the mode to apply it in with the u-key (curser in the 3d window) Cube, Cylinder, Window… all change how the texture is mapped to the object.

Yes, it was a very bad tutorial. Didn’t mention face select at all, I thought somthing was not right!

i think you did not map the uv anyway.map it first.the texturing type that you have mentioned you used works just fine.i myself did the bump of a female face model in this way.

This thread is doing a little bit UV-mapping:


maybe you find it interesting


since the topic is somewhat related, i guess i’ll jump in:
could anyone point me to a nice basic uv mapping tutorial?

the best ones were on blender.nl sadly… :-?