When changing from color uv map to grid view in the 3D viewport there is still the color image shown, not the new grid view.
I am getting confused. Blender 2.83.9

Your 3D model likely has the colour grid as it’s texture, not the b&w grid.

Yes thats true I just found it had to change the texture. Also could paint but how to change the paint color? Also don t understand why an image editor and UV editor? Does the image editor have no layer possibility? Sorry for so many questions but it takes to many time to figure out.

In the Image Ditor, you can also paint, but you can’t paint in the UV Editor.

I have no idea why uv editor and image editor has been seperated since blender 2.82!!
Who’ s idea was that??


Yes weird idea, i’d also like to know why

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Yes it’s a bit annoying. There were several changes done I did not understood like the dropdown in the shader nodes to switch to world nodes. The direct access before was much quicker.

BTW does anyone know how to access the shader editor directly with shift-f3 not toggling through the other editors? Same for image/uv edit with shift-f10

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