UVs (Normal / Diffuse) and the size of an object (Tris)?

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I would like to ask a question about the size of an ojbects and its complexion, when it comes to baking a normal map and keeping it right

Like if I have a huge building (a school) should i split the school into each building (since its basically 3 buildings with path/crossing/hallways into other ones). I just think i will not be able to keep a good UV for the diffuse and keeping it right for normals, basically its going from 1 305 600 Tris (HP) to 10 200 Tris (LP)

Maybe I should say it like this, does anyone know a good guida/tutorial on how I should really go about this. really any help will be very appreciated :thinking:

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one way would be to subdivide and conquer !

easier to adjust UV mapping then make a copy and join

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Another generally used way is to not bake normal maps for huge objects like buildings at all. Unwrap as you wish (with as much exceeding of 0-1 UV space as you wish). Add tileable textures on material of the building. Mix first tileable texture with another using some procedural texture as factor. Repeat as needed. This way might require mid-poly modeling of course so to have some details in actual geometry but no image map will be able to cover huge building with suitable details while preventing pixels visible from several meters at least.

Also your question would benefit from information about what end application do you intend to use that school building in, game engine, rendering in Blender, rendering somewhere else etc.

Well, maybe this guide from polycount can help…

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