UW unwrap problem

I have a big problem with unwrapping model (tight pants) in blender (look the picture 1).

I marked seams but result of unwrapping looks weird because some vertices are not on their place (look the picture 2), because of this some faces on model do not look good (look picture 3).

Can someone help me?

I tried Removing doubles and Select non manifold but it does not help.

Here are is print screen problem:


No blend file included in your post ! Why not ? You should ALWAYS supply an example blend file for ALL support questions.

The face you have selected has 6 edges. Change your mesh to use just triangles and quads so you don’t get these errors

Sorry, i will attach blend file.

Thanks for advise, i will try it.

Here is blend file.


forum.blend (962 KB)

looks like candidate for retopology

In Edit Mode I would try CTRL and right click to trace out your lines, Mark as needed and use live unwrap. And keep in mind that remove doubles can break a mesh just as easy as it can fix it.

This is how female pants should look like:

I’ve included .blend file just because you seem in need of it.

Thanks to all, i figured it out after few hours. I triangulated an it is Ok now

Glad that you figured out and It is UV not UW :wink:

Funny thing is, is that it’s actually not just UV but UVW. W being an extra alpha channel used for depth mapping. (As UVW comes before XYZ, and representing the corresponding normal surface topology of objects represented by XYZ.) However since the W component isn’t always used, it typically gets shortened to the first two. How I know that bit of 3D trivia? Who knows? But feel free to look it up. :smiley:

Hmm i see but it doesn’t hurt to google before posting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UVW_mapping

Although it tends to provoke rage when you ask them too