Uyir - Short Film WIP

@harleynut97, Thanks! Great to know the color combination suits him as I was wondering which colors would best suit him. I’ll work on the shoes, it definitely needs a bit more love, thanks for pointing out!

@Scotchtapeworm, Thanks for the tip about the clothing! I’ve also noticed alot of popular animated characters in films wearing the same clothing throughout the film such as Shrek, so I’ll mainly stick to the one clothing set. With the rendertime, after giving him hair and a beard, the render time has jumped to nearly 15 minutes. I haven’t heard about Cycles rendering more passes than others, but is definitely a feature I could benefit from. I’ll look into it. Thanks for that!

Here is the latest update with beard, moustache, eyebrows, eyelashes and hair. This took all day to make. The most time-consuming process was the hair. Styling it the way I want it was a challenge. I had to re-comb a few number of times, until I realised you can select individual hair particles and edit them. After a while tweaking them, I settled on the result below:

The eyebrows are intentionally made bushy to more closely resemble my initial concept image and I also referred a little to the old man eyebrows in the Pixar film “Up”. Eyelashes seem barely noticeable but it’s there.

I’ll quickly give him some accessories, fix his shoes and then move on to building his facial library.

Edit: I’ve updated his clothing shader and introduced the velvet shader in Cycles. The earlier shader was just a plain diffuse shader with color controlled by a fresnel. This velvet shader helps give a more cloth-feel.

Slowly, but surely, the old guy is coming together…

You really did a great job on his hair!.. can’t tell how it looks on the back, but the front view looks really good. I saw that you mentioned you wanted these really bushy eyebrows, but I’m noticing on the left side of his face (his right side) the eyebrow mesh seems to be throwing an odd shadow… I wonder if that mesh needs to be moved a little closer to his face.

15 min frame … just with the character … yikes. You may have to find yourself making some sacrifices somewhere.

Won-der-ful, Solowy :slight_smile: He is really coming to life now. Good job on the hair.

I know that you’ve rendered your latest animations on a render farm. Do you plan this for this one also? And will that reduce the enormous render time of 4 frames per hour?

The velvet component is a nice update for the cloth shader. From my own test this special BSDF was really slow. Therefore I use a fresnel node to control the cloth falloff.

I also found that in latest builds the hair shader rendered faster than the normal diffuse shader when it is used for hair.

Thanks harleynut! The eyebrows are particle hairs and isn’t a separate mesh. I’m guessing the odd shadows are coming from the angle of the light sources. The images below shows the eyebrows from another angle. 15 minutes rendertime is crazy, but it might not be too much of an issue since I’ll be using the BURP renderfarm. But I’ll still need to find a way to optimise the render times for him. I’m thinking about removing his eyelashes probably. The eyelashes seem to make him look a little feminine.

Thanks minoribus, really glad to know he’s looking more life-like now :slight_smile: I do plan to use the BURP renderfarm again for this film. They can definitely handle the enormous render times. For ‘Vetri’, they were able to render 10-15 seconds worth of HD animation within 2 weeks. I generally would submit a couple sessions at a time to the farm so that some of the scenes would be rendered in parallel. This is how I was able to render the film fairly quickly. Although, I generally don’t submit more than 3 sessions at a time in order to be considerate to other users of the service. Thanks for the suggestion about the Hair BSDF. Although, I’m not sure if the renderfarm supports it yet since they don’t support the newer versions yet. I’ll need to adjust in order to be compatible with the renderfarm specs.

Here are some renders of him in different angles:

I’ve also started playing around with shape keys and giving him a variety of facial expressions. David Ward’s ‘Advanced Face Rig’ tutorial helped with coming up with ideas for his expressions.

Here are some expressions after playing around with the shape key sliders:

I’ll need to add shape key drivers to him and add a facial rig for him. Thankfully, I have some experience in this as I did this for each of the characters in the short film ‘Tripping’.

After this, I’ll need to give him a walking stick, reading glasses and then I can finally call him done!

Solowy, I love this facial expressions!
They are so expressive. This is a character which I really would like to see in action :slight_smile:

You know that always have some 2 cents :wink: Are the teeth still a stand in? I ask, because I think you said so in the beginning? I think they could benefit from a bit more realistic shape, because they really stand out.

Amazing! I love it. you need to add detail to his ears though. They look like putty.

Also, there are a lot of shadows going on in his beard, which makes the strands look really thick. Maybe have them be a bit more transparent, and thinner? Either way, its looking better than I can do. Great job!

Thanks minoribus, really excited to know that he looks expressive as this is what I was aiming for when I started this project. The film will have a fair dose of emotion so it’s important that he looks expressive (which is why I went for stylistic than realistic :slight_smile: ) Also, I look forward to your 2 cents every time, it helps me produce my best :wink: I’m still thinking about the teeth. I might remove a few to give him that aged appearance or I might remove them completely. The teeth and gums in the image are a stand-in and is just a plain white diffuse shader. I might add the teeth later on.

Thanks Scotchtapeworm, great to know you like it! I’ll fix his beard and make them thinner, it probably is a bit too thick. I’ll try and address the ears if I have time.

I’ve now given him a facial rig and made it easy to use. This will make the animation phase smoother. Eventually, I do plan to release everything for free on BlendSwap, so the rig needs to be pretty simple to use.

Here is the facial rig:

The facial rig is fairly advanced and allows many types of expressions. I’ve added in some extra facial expressions such as curl lips in and out, an eating control where the character has a chewing motion when the animator moves the bone in a circular motion. It’s not very complex and doesn’t have nearly as much controls as the CGCookie flex rig. For instance, the face doesn’t squash and stretch (although I might add these controls after this project).

Here are some facial expression tests:

It seems to come out fairly well. I exaggerated some of the expressions to suit the stylistic character.

I realise I’m spending a little too long on this and would like to strive for the December deadline. I hope the daughter modelling process won’t take too long. It will be a modified version of the old man, so I might not have to rig and shape key again (may have to make tweaks though).

Looking good… :slight_smile:

Thanks bonrw1!

Spent time working on improving the model based on the feedback some of you guys gave me. Based on the feedback by minoribus, I replaced his teeth completely with a cool model by LucasFalcao of BlendSwap (I hope that’s not cheating). I modified the teeth a bit and added a bit of noise bump to his gums and straight line bumping to his teeth as well as modified a bit the colour. He will have teeth for a short while in the film, prior to the kidnapping scene.

Also based on Scotchtapeworm’s feedback, I thinned the beard strands by nearly a half.

I also experimented with giving him glasses and playing with the sizes (as seen from the 2 images above). I’m not sure if it suits him, it seems to only add to the render times. I might discard this, or keep it when he’s doing certain things like reading the newspaper.

I’ll need to improve his shoes (as suggested by harleynut), clothes, as well as ears and then I should be done I think.

I am really enjoying this character! Subscribing to see how it will develop and the other characters as well :smiley:
I love his face, hair particles, eyes, everything! The only thing I would suggest (unless you’re making it like this on purpose) was about the shirt’s collar, to make it a bit more rigid and elevated.

Everything’s looking great! If the glasses are important to the storyline or as a tool that helps the character be expressive I would definitely keep them. You might also be able to get away with “lens-free” glasses if the storyline is strong enough (to save render time). Maybe it’s a bad idea, i don’t know…just thought I’d throw it out there. If they are important to keep, you might give them a different color too that doesn’t blend in so well w/ the character’s hair color.
Looks good!

i had no idea the character would turn out so good. I mean, not that i doubt you, just the feel of him as a character looks so perfect like youve nailed it!

I like the last update, solowy.

But I had to think a while about the new teeth. Let me explain, what I mean. In my opinion the teeth look artificial. They are too regular and there are no gaps between the single teeth. This could work well, because you mentioned that he will loose his teeth at some point. And this may be dentures.

And his smile looks charming with his new teeth.

The old guy is looking great… the only thing I wonder about is his eyes, it almost appears like he is a just very slightly cross eyed.

This is great. I have an idea for a short film myself.

Just throwing this out there.

As great as the character looks right now, he doesn’t look very elderly. Maybe in his 50s or so. He still looks healthy and active

@manelmeirinhos, thanks for following this project :slight_smile: I look forward to your feedback! Thanks also for the suggestion about the shirt. I’ve raised it up a bit now and removed the top button.

@jdover, thanks! The glasses aren’t really necessary for the film, but there are scenes that can benefit such as reading the newspaper. Great tip about the lens free glasses. I might be able to get away with it since the lens is mostly clear and doesn’t make much difference. It will only become apparent if there is some light reflection missing. I’ll do some testing when the time comes to see if the lens makes any real difference.

@Koumis, Awesome, thanks! Really glad to know you liked the feel of him as a character as this will help with the story.

@minoribus, I think that’s a great idea! In fact, I’ll use his teeth as dentures. That way, it will feel more realistic as my own grandfather wore dentures regularly. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

@harleynut97, hmm…that’s strange. The eyes are in fact staring straight ahead as I modelled and rotated them accurately. I did, however, add some slight asymmetry to his face modelling which may give the illusion of cross eyes. I can sort of see it too. In a way, I feel like it adds to his appeal but I’m not sure. I’ll see if it poses a problem in the animation phase and will add some slight rotation to one of the eyes if so.

@spanishrose, thanks! I’d love to follow your progress and help out if you make one :slight_smile:

@Scotchtapeworm, thanks for letting me know. I’m going for more 70s. I’m guessing the beard and eyebrows are hiding most of his wrinkles and pores and giving him a younger appearance but at the same time I don’t want to remove them as they look pretty cool. I’ll try and use body language to convey his age better. Like giving him a hunched back pose, laboured walking, etc…

I’ve took into account most of the feedback above and have settled with my final version below:

There is a bit of the pants sticking through the jacket, but I don’t think this will be a big issue as I might add a cloth simulator for this part of the jacket. Also, a bit of the feet is showing through his new shoes, but again it shouldn’t be a problem as I will delete this mesh.

  • I’ve completely re-worked his shoes
  • Added wrinkling to his shirt and pants
  • Added texturing to his belt.
  • Given him a walking stick
  • Improved his shirt collar and raised it a bit
  • Tried to fix his ears but gave up (ears are still too hard for me :/)

Next, I’ll take this character and convert it to the daughter.


This is looking really good! :slight_smile: one thing though, the shirt sleeves go really thin near the end, making it looking less like a jacket! :wink:

^^ Great suggestion and thanks bonrw1! I’ve updated it now (in the previous post).

This has become a great character and he has matured from post to post. Great work.

Next, I’ll take this character and convert it to the daughter.

Oh my god, the poor man :wink: