v interlace

isn’t that for stereo? what kind of glasses are used to view that. I had some extra glasses
from the movie Avatar so i tried them but they don’t work. I am not sure what interlace is used for?


For vertical interlace I’d imagine you need a special monitor- the glasses used in current 3d cinema are polarized, which means there’s actually 2 images being projected and the lenses filter out the image to each eye. Polarized monitors are rather expensive, as far as I know.

With a standard monitor, your choices for 3d are red/green (or whatever colors they use in Blender) or stereoscopic (side by side images, that you cross your eyes to see as one)

There are different methods to display stereo pictures.
All have one common thing: Displaying 2 different images at the same time.

The stereo method tells how they are displayed.
It depends on your viewing technic.

V-Interlace means you see the first image in the pixelrows with odd rownumber (1,3,5 …) and the other in even rownumbers (2,3,6…). This is used with special monitors where one eye can see one row of pixels and the other eye the other row of pixels. I know there are monitors that allow more than two pictures at the same time.

For red-blue (anaglyph) you need red-blue glasses (somtimes this is with red-green). Unfortunatly you loose color.

Ther are technices to have the images left and right or top and button. You can see this pictures with special prism googles/glasses.

Shutter glasses usually require that you see the pictures completely alternating. The shutter glasses alternatetly close the view for one eye, so it seems to be viewing 2 images at the same time.

Polarised glasses require special displays that you usually do not have at home.

I think you can read about that at wikipedia.

Finally you can use your 3D glasses from the cinema with your next visit at this cinema, but not at home. Even other cinemas might use another 3D stereo display method. So it wouldn’t work there.

I think it is cool that the BGE offers multiple options for 3D Stereo Display.