V J Tea

a newer, better, VJ showreel - this time all origonal footage, and about 50% blender.

The 3D work is all Blender - plus the toothy - partically - floaty things - they’re Blender halos.


woah, dude… did you drop this in your tea:eyebrowlift2:
{i took out the weed picture myself (big cry babies)}
well i dont know what to tell you man, it just wasnt my cup of tea. it was kinda repetitive in parts and i dont think you fully grasped the fluid animations, it looked like brown play dough. but it wasnt a bad little animation really… 3 stars maybe 2, nah 3, well… 2 stars

Trippy, very trippy, this would be right at home showing in a dance club.:spin:

NJROTC: posting the marijuana leaf was totally uncalled for.

okay fine you big whiner ill take it out

yeh - it wasn’t meant to be a music video - more a demo of live video mixing. The actual song is more like 8 mins, and the screen would only be one thing to look at in the club amongst many. As to what I put in my tea . . .

Sorry, im into the rave scene, club scene , etc etc, but i don’t like this. My overall impression is ‘Rough’.
A psychadelic, warped, trance like approach would have been better.
Im probably missing the point but whats the story with tea cup.
EDIT: Pfft, the Mole leaf is fine :slight_smile:

It’s full of “Dude”, and “WTF”, and tea splashing in midair and stuff ^_^. Couldn’t see it all properly, apparently that site / streaming viewer hates me.

You are aware that you yourself are using a word that came directly out of the drug scene, specifically LSD if I’m correct, right?