V-Ray is Back!

Honestly, I used Vray the past 5 years for animation it became much to expensive for render farm cost for me. I switched to Cycles a half year ago and now the costs are almost down to 1/8 of that. Also its faster and has less noise in the channels. The shading system of Blender is way better to manipulate and extend. There are of course power features in Vray, like proxies and render booleans. But, in general I do not miss it at all.
More then this Chaos will try to sell you Vantage, there realtime engine, which is not bad, but once Vulcan is in Blender, pretty useless.
Keep in mind, in order to use it, you would need to buy a subscription, depend on OS restrictions and become totally dependent to there expensive render license system. All shader would need to be converted and adjusted and lot of there render technology is very old and oudated.

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