V-Ray Next Performance

(JuhaW) #1

Vray for Blender, Vray Next v4.02.04
Cpu: Amd FX 8350 4Ghz, gpu Nvidia GeForce gtx 970 4GB
Default render settings except Max Ray Intensity: 10
Physical Camera: f-stop: 8, shutter speed: 300, ISO: 200
Progressive render, gpu+cpu, brute force/light cache, termination settings: render time: 2min
Render size:1280x720, raw renders, no postpro
Scene from rawalanche’s thread: https://blenderartists.org/t/cycles-performance/1121187/9

Light: Adaptive Dome = HdriHaven Dry_Field 4K, intensity: 50

Light: Adaptive Dome = HdriHaven Flower Road 4K, intensity: 50

Termination settings: Noise: 0.008 (default)
Light: Adaptive Dome = ext_LateAfternoon_Mountains_CSP 4K, intensity:50
Simple materials and 15 window glasses added.
Rendertime: 7m40sec


Nice times. Still going strong with VRay-For-Blender i see :slight_smile:

So is Standalone NEXT officially available or is it nightlies still?
BTW, do you have any info on better workflow & integration of things?

As price is still tempting, but using it, not so much, since last time i checked even mat. previews didn’t work… which was kinda bummer. Now, if they turn VFB into RTFB (Real-Time Frame Buffer) similar to Pixar’s IT… mmm :yum:

(JuhaW) #3

Hello burnin. V-Ray Next Standalone is official one, released 02.07.2018.
I may have info of integration but like politicians I say no comment :slight_smile:
V-Ray Next supports also gpu fog.

(Tomáš Luža) #4

Hey Juha,
i am quite curious about V-ray for blender, but there are not as many informations as I would hope for. Are you still using V-ray for Blender? Does V-ray work with Blender 2.8 already? Does material preview work at all? Are there any tedious bugs or does it work the same way as it does for example with 3ds max? Does v-ray proxy work in Blender?

Thanks for the answes,

(haikalle) #5

There is nothing official yet what comes into v-ray for blender 2.8 release. But I haven’t given up hope yet.