v-sync? Vector motion blur?

Hey, is there a way to get blender game engine to run frames as regular pc do?

On consols there is a v-sync that stops the game from playing above 60 fps, because if they do the game will play faster.

On pc games teh framerate can be 5, it can be 5000 teh game will stil run teh same speed, i noticed that if i turn of the v-sync in blender game engine the game runs faster (like on consols) is there a way to make it run like pc or will that require the whole engine to be re-scripted?

Also something apart from that question, is there a nice and simple vector motion blur shader out there somewhere?
I mean like in unreal engine, not the frame fade thing that is included in the blender engine.

Here is a simple demo I made a while ago. Notice that the frame rate is not limited, nor is it constant, yet the cube always moves 1 unit per second.

This works for simple logic-based games, but physics will not work.

I hate that BGE doesn’t have this automatically implemented into its base logic and physics, but I doubt it will ever be changed.


tictoc.blend (525 KB)

Okay TY! :smiley: