V - Trine concept car

A result of my practices of designing a concept car & visualization of the concept.
A mixture between the 20th century Art Deco car and futuristic technology & aesthetic.
Inspired by Mercedes - Benz 1930 SS Roadster, Lamborghini Belador and Red Skull’s car.

This is the first theme, centralized around Art Deco, which is the basic one that it start with, pristine white - golden shine with gold flaked painting supported by hi-tech holographic display on the car as well as a blank windshield design for optimal space for livery. The interior will be covered by hi-tech screens that stream from hidden camera around the exterior, it will display the view around them with increased FOV, solving problem of limited vision of some supercars.



Another livery is in !

Cherry Blossom, a theme centralized in a beautiful flora in Japan and the color that associate with them. Livery is distributed on the sideskirt and beneath the wheel arch, a holographic cherry is also displayed on the side, the wheel design can be obviously observed as the flag of japan.


Third one is done, this is pretty much cyberpunk inspired


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Rendered a few more with studio renders lighting setup, personally I like the sharpness studio render can produce, and the realistic texture only make it better, I noticed that other renders haven’t made a strong impression on the curve of the car yet so these renders aim to do that.


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks a lot !

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This is outstanding