[v0.5] Mesh: Make Coplanar

This is a simple tool to snap all selected vertices to the (approximate) plane of best fit that describes them. It was made in about two half-days, and it is my first time developing for Blender (and Python for that matter). In the future, I intend to make it an interactive tool. The usage pattern would be:

  1. Select three-or-more vertices that define your intended plane.
  2. Run the “Make Coplanar” command. If four-or-more, the plane will be an approximate average of these and the vertices will snap to it.
  3. Your selected vertices will deselect.
  4. Select more vertices to add to plane, defined in Step 1.
  5. Press “Enter” to apply these extra vertices, or “Esc” to cancel.

Also, do you have any other comments? Critiques? Suggestions? Etc.

This is currently released under a standard, copyright license. I intend to make this open source, but I do not know what open-source license to use, yet. As such, I am leaving myself the maximum amount of licensing freedom while it’s still up in the air. What do you suggest?

Should I make it permissive (BSD, Apache, etc.) or copy-left (GPL, Mozilla, etc.)?

NOTE: The faces might still shade a bit weirdly, especially if they’re NGONs. That’s just the shading of it. You will see the same thing if you moved the vertices there yourself. No geometry is added or removed.

Screenshot (Before)

Screenshot (After)

Download here:
https://github.com/ScottMichaud/blender-makecoplanar ((Download Zip))

Installation and usage instructions are available at GitHub.

((Old version attached below… do not use))
mesh_makecoplanar.zip (2.32 KB)

very very cool

It’s not coplanaire plan but average plan. For coplanaire, you must choose the normal of a master-plan.
Change your title, please.
“Make coplanaire” addon exist already! Desoled.

Spirou4d: Yes, it currently forces vertices to be coplanar to an average plane. In a future version, the tool will have a second stage. In the future version, you can select 3 vertices in the first stage to exactly define a master plane (normal and offset); you will then be given a second opportunity to select vertices, which will move into that master plane. The “average” plane of 3 vertices is an exact plane, which is why I allow you to select 3 vertices, not a minimum of 4.

A properties panel to manually adjust these values would be interesting, though. Something to consider if I get spare time.

By the way, a similar addon already exists? Where? I’ve been looking for it for years!

Raziel_Henzo: Thanks!

The addon is currently on my GitHub: https://github.com/ScottMichaud/blender-makecoplanar

I fixed the block which conforms normals to the same direction. It was a silly mistake on my part. Now it compares everything to the first normal (rather than ripple through). I did not increment the version, though.

Hi ScottMichaud,

The addon is “Planarizer” by Mark Riedesel (Klowner) v0.2.1
Bye bye

Released an update today. Incremented to v0.5. You can now select a second set of vertices to conform to the first stage’s plane.

I will make a YouTube instructional video soon (probably tomorrow).