V8 wheel chair

I had this idea of fitting a v8 engine to a wheel chair- but i dont think i know quite enough about engines n how they work to actually put together a model for it. Does anyone have any suggestions or want to take up the idea?

actual wheel chair?

see, the problem is that a [car] v8 engine is big enough, the transmission alone would be too big for a wheel chair

tho, personally I’d have the person’s legs straddle the engine and suggest you also look at the drive setup of front wheel drive cars for the setup

I was thinking of stripping it down to a bare minimum- n mayb having the engine behind or under the seat… i really have no clue- i guess it would probably be easier done with a bike engine?

You sure as hell don’t need a v8 on a wheelchair. You have to think about power to weight ratio. The reason big engines are put in cars is because their shells tend to be heavier and stronger. On something as light as a wheelchair frame, not only would it not support the engine (which will likely weigh more than a ton) the chair would be far too unstable and non-aerodynamic to go anywhere.

You also need a way to start the engine so where do you fit the starter motor? Not to mention battery + fuel tank + accelerator, brake, clutch, steering column, radiator, carburetor, sump, air filter, exhaust etc.

If you really want to give granny a boost for getting up those steep hills, electric motors are your best bet or as you say a motorbike engine (albeit a small one - 50-150cc). I would ditch the wheelchair idea and build a go-kart or by a small car and put a v8 in it. Much more fun. A car TV show did that and put a v6 or v8 into a mini and it nearly rolled over at every corner.

It would be imposible to put into a regular wheel chair and completely pointless to put it in a highly modified one. For one like OSX said a V8 isnt the lightest thing around (doesnt weigh a ton but still not light) for 2 they arent small either. I know of a motorcycle that has a flat head V8 and that thing is big. You want to soop up a wheel chair your best bet would be to reinforce the frame and mount a 250cc 2 stroke DB engine into it.

The thing you got to remember is: you cant just strap on an engine and make the thing go. Like osx said you need to have places to mount everything and a V8 just wont fit. Unless, like on that show BIG you made a HUGE wheel chair. It would take ALOt of enginering and time to balance it and make it fit right. Anyway, just dont bother it would cost way to much and take WAY to much time to put ANY gas operated power plant in wheelchair.

oh off topic but anyone seen that Chrysler Motorcycle with the Viper V10 in it :o OMG that thing is SWEET I wouldnt ride it but SWEET.

lol- i wasnt seriously thinking of making a functional model- it was just an idea that sounded fun

V10 bike… mmm sounds fun

Sorry for the thread-hyjack, but…
I found a website with very good and detailed pictures of it, seems a nice modelling subject :wink: