Vacation | WIP


Looks like i am mostly done with modeling and texturing, except maybe the luggage on the car.
Maybe this could now be moved to Focused Critique for specific feedback on angle, lighting etc.

Please let know what you think.



Original Post:

A car taking off for a vacation. A space shuttle in background. Really, there isn’t much to talk about this image. Here’s the progress so far. More work on the car and almost everything else.

Feel free to criticize.




Textured the fence frame and the wall. Added the sidewalk and the road. Also textured the solid rocket boosters.

To do:

  1. Texture the car.
  2. Add luggage on top
  3. Finish the launch pad modeling and texture it.

Please feel free to comment, give feedback or criticize.



It’s looking good! The car windows appear to be missing or unless it’s not supposed to have windows? It could also use a number plate.

There’s not much to criticise for now, maybe the road texture could be improved. The road surface seems a little too smooth. Try to make it more ‘rocky’.

It’s a good image so far!

Just a quick render to show the details on the fence.
Yes, the car doesn’t have any window glass and the road has no bump map - working on it.


Here’s a closer look at the shuttle launch setup.
Built mostly out of imagination with a balance of what looks good and what was easy to make.

Here’s another test render: