Vader's Secret

I made this the other day. Its the Bespin Reactor Core where Vaders Secret is told. C&C welcome


Materials and lighting need quite a bit of work, but the modeling looks good.

Here is a new render. I remodeled the walkway. It had stairs and was more circular at the top. What should i do to make the materials and lighting better?


nice :smiley:
make them darker, but the lights brighter if u know what I mean and more weather stained etc. Also lets see some of the Saber damage lol

plus bigger pics please

It’s very easy to tell that the BG is a flat tube.

You could model one level and copy/paste it or dupliframe it.

Yeah like frostbyte said, maybe(if you dobnt want to model) makea emit texture and a bump map which should make it look alot better.