Valentine card (Updated)

See below for update


I started work on a valentine card. This is what i got so far.
The model was started in wings3d and then imported in blender.

Any comments or suggestions would be greatly apreciated.



Could use some text, but otherwise cool.

the mesh adn the gold material are really nice but I think the halo still needs a lot of work. I doesn’t fit the image colour wise. also you’re a little lax on details.


what a unique and lovely idea, sure to capture the heart of your valentine.

Well, Its almost the 14. So here is my final renders.
Please vote at the top of the page.

[img src=“” border=“0” /]

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[img src=“” border=“0” /]

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[img src=“” border=“0” /]

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[img src=“” border=“0” /]

No 4 - Full size

[img src=“” border=“0” /]

No 5 - Full size

Any comments welcome!


man… it’s a tough one between 4 or 5

I think nr 5 is the best one ( the sea behind is definitely a nice idea) but I don’t like the red walls. It feels like over the top to me. Maybe you could try a different texture on them.

Anyway very nice picture


thats a fucking cool picture man, rendered in yafray? make more!! :Z

Thanks for the compliment!

It is rendered in blender. I guess im the only one who as not learned yafray. :expressionless:


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