Valentines Bear

A Valentines Bear made with the Cycles render.

A little late for valentines, don’t you think? XD

Anyways, I love how the fur on the bear looks. It’s very noticeable that it’s very soft. The rest of the scene looks good, though in my opinion things look a bit too flat. There’s not en entire sense of depth to it. Maybe a little bit of DoF would fix it, not too much, just a little bit. Some of the metals, like in the lamp and the bed post look very simple as well.

Overall, since the point of interest is obviously the bear I think that by adding just a bit of DoF you can separate the simplicity of the background from the nice looking Valentines Bear and make it more interesting.

All in all, nice job!

The fur is really exceptional! Care to share the node setup?

the bear looks really nice! the background lets it down a little.

I’ll apply some DoF to tone down the BG. I’ll post the node setup once I get home. :slight_smile:

Here is the node setup.

Imagine my surprise after working on a teddy bear for a few hours earlier today when I happened on this thread. Great job, and thanks for the material node! My bear render shows the grid of the mesh (it’s faint but easy to see on the head). I couldn’t seem to make it go away by applying subsurf. Have you run into anything like this?

Set the shading to Smooth maybe?

…and less background.

I really love the Teddy and the Heart. But I do find the background detracts from the Bear. But I would really love to have received the Teddy for Valentines Day. Heck I might have even bought it for myself. :wink: