Valentine's Day

My last work for Valentine’s Day.

Blender, Cycles, AfterFx & Photoshop

Looks so real. Only crit would be the butt-cheek seems a bit off. The butt cheek line isn’t supposed to go all the way around the leg.

Is this an animation because it says you use afterfx?

i think it’s a litle bit real because it’s a photogrammetry photogrammetry. I modified the 3d model because i didn’t like all.
Yes afterFX for compositing. But why not an animation later :slight_smile:

Thats unbeliavable… just amazing :o
Were these skin textures rendered in blender or were they added with Photoshop later?

great work!

Sexy nice pic! I like the light and the (almost) B&W hue of th image. BTW, is the panties material made using alpha chanel? looks pretty good.

totex445: with blender of course :slight_smile: I had two texture, diffuse and normal map.

Mr. Chuan: Yes with an alpha map and other things. Look :wink:

Hotness!!! Great job! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Gamel! It was a very good result, in the end :wink:

Amazing, realistic and lovely!

Wow, tasteful and masterfull. Excellent work.

Your kind of picture is quite unique and beautiful. Thanks for sharing and showing.