Valentine's hearts raytraced edition

I finally got around to making a raytraced version of my hearts. See the Finished projects forum to find out what I’m talking about.

Crits: no reflection on the hearts: sorry, but I couldn’t get textures to work in Yafray yet.
The jpeg is a little bit ugly after compression, but you wouldn’t like to download a 2.5 mb file, would you?
It’s a wip, so no AA or other flashy final render kinda stuff.
Please tell me what image comes into your head when seeing this. I’d like to make this as good as possible.


Yeah, reflection would be nice.

Also, that isn’t the color I would expect for hearts, but thats opinion.


well, they were supposed to be gold :smiley:
I’ll have to work on the color some more. but on the whole, i kinda liked it

For gold, I’d add more specularity, and make it look a bit battered. Gold is soft, you know. :stuck_out_tongue: