Valley Landscape

Hey Blender Heads,
Last night I decided to do a quick landscape scene using ANT Landscape Generator. I wanted to test how high I could push the resolution. I had the Landscape resolution pushed to 2000. There were 4 Billion Verts in this scene. It was laggy in viewport, but I was still able to work with the scene pretty decently. It’s untextured, but with compositing I find that I still really like the look of it.
I’m including a still image and a video.
Rendered in Cycles.
Let me know what you think!

Oh, I forgot to add that the average Rendertime per frame is about a minute and a half. The scene was so large my 2 GB Graphics Card was unable to render it. So I had to render through the CPU.

Nice, I have nerver tried ANT Lanscape, maybe I shouldtry to play with it.
Is that really 4 billion verts instead of 4 million?

ANT Landscape is really fun and easy to use! It takes some learning to know the different buttons (Like anything). But it can make some cool results.

Yep, 4 Billion. I just built a $1600 computer and I was trying to push the limits. The viewport had some serious lag at this point. But I think I could push it further yet. I made the resolution in ANT 2000, which turned out to be 4 billion verts.