Vampire Girl

Hey everyone, I just wanted to post a w.i.p of my latest character. There’s still a lot to do (like detail the cloth, refine the hair, etc) but it’s coming along.


And here’s an update.


Beautiful design. I really like the proportions of the facial features and anatomy. The colors are perfect. Looking forward to seeing more progress on this :3 Since you’re going for this monster highschool kinda look, maybe some nail polish and a bit of makeup woudln’t be out of the question? Its really strong even without cosmetics tho, so I think it works either way. Keep up the great work!

Thanks! Glad to hear you like it! Thanks for the suggestion! I don’t really feel cosmetics would fit this particular character though. Plus, from a composition standpoint I don’t want the viewers eyes drawn to her nails or lips since the eyes are the primary focus. I really appreciate the suggestion though. :slight_smile:

Here’s the next character update.


Alright, I believe this is the final image.


Loving it!

Yeah it’s really nice. But I think you need to clean up a few things to make it really finished. Like the banding in the background, the low poly curve of one of the hair strands and also another few strands not flowing from the whole, but just placed in position. Could you put a subdivision modifier on that low poly hair? Render out as png with transparent Background so you can put any sort of background in later and not have banding, also touch up those bits of hair that are not joined properly. Why do it? Because it’s a really great image.

so one thing i saw and this is an amazing image by the way. Is maybe putting just a little very slight more gray on the texturing under the eye. cause her skin is so light that it is hard to separate the face from the skin.
Also there is a slight issue with the direction the eyes are facing. Or something there that’s an issue. Maybe the farther eye should come up a little.
I adore the colors you used for this and also the clothes and this is a great character design! And it turned out really nice in 3d.

Hello , i like your character, the palette and the attitude is also very well made. I, personnaly don’t feel a problem of hair, and all is waiting is for animation tests. Great work here!

ah cute i leik the model thoe the materials seem bit boring and dull the lighting is too boring too sadly but nice character

wow looks rly cool, hmm maybe try to separate the hair and the head a bit with the color or material properties?