Vampire Hunter G ( new update )

I am trying to make my first picture using Blender. Well it is not finnish because I am still learning how to use blender. If you guy could help me that would be super. Just give me feedback. I’ll post the update pic every week. Thanx alot!

For the moment, it reminds me more of the vampire than the hunter :wink:

Welcome to Elysiun.

Quality render:
Go on the Render buttons, turn the OSA button on, it will get you rid of the jagged outlines of the render

Play with the material settings a little: try to set the Spec at a low value like 0.05-0.15 and the Hard to something like 15-35. Your model will look like less platic and a little more warm-blooded :wink:
As for the flesh color, I usually start with RGB value of 1.00-0.861-0.769 (I recall these values by heart, lol!) but your base color is nothing wrong. Alternatively, now, in the material buttons, you can get access to a tab with the now famous and very popular ramp shaders. There you can try to set the first cursor at 0.60-0.461-0.369 and the second at 1.00-0.861-0.769, both with alpha value set to 1.

Modeling: the face could use some more detail on the nose (the crest of the nose is sharp) but it could be the style for which you’re after, so it looks good to me. In any case, it’s a very good start.

Lighting: I don’t know what you are after so it’s difficult to comment. To get a more uniform lighting, turn on the Ray button in the Render options, and in the World settings, in the Ambiant Occlusion tab, turn it on. Generally it has good results, especially with skin colors like the one I gave you.

I hope to see some updates of this work sson :wink: and that I could help.

Here it is

Here is the latest update!
C&C are welcome!

Truly a strange style in this picture… :Z
I am not sure what you want to do, but it’s so strange I can’t comment.
The only thing that you could change is the background. Make it a sphere and add the cloud texture.