I’m working on an animation of aliens destroying a planet, and I’d like to know how to “vanish” it. I want to higher the alpha so it will dissapear, but since ctrl+i doesn’t have anything bout its alpha. Tried to IPO but couldn’t get it right :S

Weeelll… There’s an ‘explode’ effect coming out with the new particle system. It’s pretty sweet.

:stuck_out_tongue: I made an explosion, but with the explosion the planet needs to vanish. I’d just like the IPO to work :stuck_out_tongue: Meaning the alpha get’s 100% so it’s gone :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind the planet winking out of existence in one frame, you can send it to a non-rendered layer. On the first frame of the animation do I-key->Layer, then go to the first frame where it has vanished, Mkey to move it to invisible layer, I-key->Layer again.

i want it to go in like 20 frames to slowly vanish that it’s just poof away :stuck_out_tongue:

nvm, was using the IPO the wrong way, :stuck_out_tongue:

hi, you’ll need to set the ipo keys with your mouse pointer in the material window. go to the last frame where it is full opacity, and press ‘i’. select ‘alpha’. then advance 50 frames, turn the alpha slider all the way down, and set a second keyframe for alpha.