Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers

Scan-based model of classic Vans Sk8-Hi sneakers. Personal project to test some technics. Created with Photoscan and Blender 2.79. Textured in Substance Painter. Rendered in Cycles. Hope you like it.

Additional links:
-Texturing timelapse
-ArtStation Page
-Model on Sketchfab


Really nice model, the leather looks awesome! :exploding_head:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Really amazing work! The most realistic shoe renders I think I have seen. How did you make the laces?

Also when you go from projected geometry to refined, how did you do that? Is it just a mesh projection modifier or retopo? Thanks.

Looks great!!

Laces made as single strip with Solidify modifier. Then applied Solidify, added Multires and sculpted it a bit.
Projected geometry is lowpoly objects with Subsurf and Shrinkwrap modifiers. To refine it I applied both and edited highpoly meshes to remove elements I don’t need from projection. At last I copied lowpoly object without modifiers, added Multires and transfered data from highpoly object (“Reshape” button in Multires properties).

The results are truly amazing. I just got Substance Designer and Painter so I am really excited to try these techniques.

Thank you for your explanation!

the final result is great,i gues you spent a lot time for modeling the laces.How many photos was shooted,what settings were used for create the mesh in Agisoft?

There was no any special about laces, projected geometry took a lot more time really.
I shooted 241 photos (result was not so great I expected) with masked background. I don’t remember exact settings, all about “high”