Variable orbit speed

I’m try to animate an object going round a elliptical path (satellite orbit about a planet). I’m confused about how to set its speed so that it varies. It needs to be faster near the planet. I don’t mind that it’s not mathematically correct, just need it to look about right.

I adding keyframes to the satellite but can’t see how I use the graph view to modify its speed - is this the right way to go and I just need to persevere, or am I trying to do this the wrong entirely the way?

Add more keyframes in the graph editor and just change the slope to slow the speed of the object following the curve


speed.blend (107 KB)

Thank you Richard, that’s what I want.

How did you add the “Offset Factor (Follow Path)”.

I only seem to be able to get “X Location”, etc.

Have eventually worked it out. I had to add keyframes to the path’s offset.

It’s not quite the way you did it Richard (Offset vs Offset Factor), but it’s a leap in understanding for me.

I was thinking of keyframes as representing a point-in-time and so was trying to modify my exiting keyframes. All the tutorials I had seen only shows adding keyframes to x,y,z locations.

It’s obvious once you know :o