Variation on the classic sci-fi spherical drone concept

looking for some fresh feedback on "believe-ability"of this model and /or whether there are some glaring problems you see.

I didnt fix all minor shading problems, and the design is not thought through in terms of actual functionality & 'proper connection elements (look at the gun mounts it’s quite iffy )

Since my aim with this model is to use it in a "learning animation project " I have given myself , I wanted to at least make the model acceptable.

I will add some conceptual shots of the (to be) animation where you’ll see that with lighting a lot will be covered up

Thanks for having a look, and as said constructive critque is welcomed.

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I like how the turret system looks. I wonder if this is a magical drone? I see no propulsion, as I know propulsion: not outlets, no directional ports for wisps of air to control the orientation, etc.
Even a gravity detractor would have waves about it to show that it’s at work. lol
Nice craft.

Hi UncommenGrafx,

thank you for commenting.
Isn’t the unwritten rule in sci-fi that anything goes… ?

Anyways, thanks for having a look