Variations on eggs

Hi all,

I’ve made several renderings based on a single scene which is a broken egg.

Modelled with Blender
Rendered with Yaf(a)ray

I like it alot! But shouldn’t the inner side of the egg be wet? If it is just broken.
Crack in the egg is really great.

Nice ones! Can you tell us a bit about the lighting and the yaf(a)ray materials?

This is indeed pretty close as realisic. But as noted, there really should be some wetness in the inner shell too.

Not to be a pain in the ass cuzz this will be a great serie but according to the plans from the kindersurprise (c’est ça non?) your driver should be able to be seated in the car and have here hands on the stearing wheel. Well with your model, that’s a no go.

But I love the egg yoke.

wow, great images! looks almost real!

Thanks to all,

@Samipe & Hippie: I first did it with some reflection on the inner side and was not very satisfied by the result as the reflection produced a darker result, will have to try in another way.

@Alvaro: It is simply illuminated by an HDRI image. I used the direct light settings in Yafaray.

@snelleeddy: Hehe, I was wondering who would discovered it :wink: Indeed I first cut the legs but didn’t like the driver in the actual position without them. I will have to make a hole in the car to let her running to propulse it :confused:

Ha, talk about ‘surprise’. Really nice renders, I like the first one, but the second is quite funny for those who have had a kinder surprise. About the second one, if the things were in the egg they should probably be more surrounded by the white, with it kind of globbed on them. At the very least, their materials should be reflective/high specularity.

I saw the picture, it reminded me your picture with eggs, and then I saw it was you Enrico who made these ones too.
Your eggs really rock Enrico :slight_smile:
Yaf(a)ray gives really good pictures. Do you have some links to share about it ? Tuts for example ?
I love the humour in the second picture :smiley:
5 stars.

eggy goodness, nice plastic on the toys

That is amazing. I absolutely love it. :slight_smile:

The egg looks very realistic, except perhaps put it in a frying pan for total realism :wink:
The kinder-egg-surprise is great also. I love the detail and effort you went into to make it look real, like how the little pieces that snap together and the stiff little man :slight_smile:
Excellent work.
4/5 for the render,
5/5 for creativity :slight_smile:

Super image! A very small criticism:

  • The skin on the inside of the eggshell looks to plastic like for me. Maybe some SSS? Don’t know but it doesn’t look quite right.

Thanks all,

As promised I added 2 new images, I also added some reflection in the inner part of the shell, see to of the thread.

Ah! Very good ideas! Especially the Sun system!
Post it to CgTalk!

That’s absolutely fantastic stuff! I love it! The original on it’s own is really realistic, and I love your variations. Solar system variation is excellent!

Only crit is that Venus looks a bit flat for some reason.

Keep up the brilliant work enricoceric!
Six stars

Thanks again to all,

@Endi: I will post 2 other renders and then probably start a poll to let people choose the 2 favorites to post them on CG Talk

@Cuby: Yes, Venus is flat, like the moon because they are small and completly under the liquid and then deformed by IOR :wink:

It keeps getting better and better! Keep updating the post :cool:

The blue is the favorite so far.

Thanks to all,

Here is the last update and two new renderings …

nice very very very nice, can we please see some untextured wireframes. My favourite is just the egg, amazing

Outstanding quality! I love the different variations. Especially the blue one…ewwwww!
What SSS (if you used one) settings do you use on the yellow thingy (cant remember what its called)

Edit: And that Hdri illuminating sure looks good, any tips/tutoriallinks for this?