Various sci-fi stuff made in Blender (For my novel)

Modified the first post to post my recent creations.

About me

I started learning Blender about June of 2015. Took me a few months but successfully made my first spaceship model in Aug 2015.

Mostly, I make sci-fi stuff.



some more work done for the bridge. It’s 150 sample render.

And then 200 sample render for the frigate. Not much change in the ship model itself other than tinkering with nodes and adding ladders near back.

While I was trying to model a somewhat futuristic fire extinguisher, after all the time line for my novel is year 9599, I ran into an issue; the model seems to have too many poly and was starting to lag my screen. Since I was going to add four of these in the bridge, I guess I will need to tone it down…

Above is 500 sample FHD render of its bridge. It is about 60% complete.

The left wall isn’t present yet and the right wall has no details. The ceiling has only shapes and has no details, either.

The bridge is getting there. Meanwhile, I think I am done with the frigate for the time being.

looks like you are making good progress. I first started using blender to map out perspective for comic book panels.

Nice start ! I think you should use the “displacement” modifier mith an open EX in order to get more details, then use worn edge and the result will me perfect, but, i want to see how you’ll finish it with your own way :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. I actually have no idea how to use displacement modifier yet although I do know how to use displacement (or normal / bump ) textures…

Anyway, here are two renders of the size difference in two spaceships I’ve modeled so far. My, I didn’t think the size difference would be this huge. One’s 180 meters in length. The other is 30 meters in length.

I’ve decided to leave the bridge for now and am planning to build spaceship cafeteria and fighter craft design. If fighter craft design is done, I should be going for hanger bay interior design.

… In other words, so much to do.

I am currently working on a fighter class vessel now, which is a one-man space craft meant for fast dogfight in space. I will also include the cockpit. Or at least try to. It feels easier this time.

An update on the fighter design. I am currently trying to figure out how to model a joystick to add it in the cockpit.

The screenshots were done at 90 samples. The cockpit glass is taking a lot of samples to look semi-decent…

It’s getting there. Adding minor details and rounding up the edges will get it finished.

The yellow rail female part is how these fighter crafts are handled in a hanger bay. In zero gravity, it’s better to handle large objects this way. The fighters are railed and then accelerated out of its hanger bay.

To get a better idea of how the cockpit looks like, I decided to do a 1000 preview samples. The result is below. So, in final render, I am assuming 2000 samples should do the job.

So, it’s done for now. I haven’t added a crest declaring its nationality because I haven’t designed one yet. The crest will go on its sides. Below is a final render with 2000 samples. The cockpit looks acceptable although I think 3000 samples will be needed.

With the fighter done, I decided to work on hanger bay instead of cafeteria. Scale wise, this will be a big one.

I took some time off Blender to refresh my head. I felt the hanger project was too big and over my head at the moment and decided to work on something smaller instead.

Below is a quarter in a spaceship. Pretty blend but has to be since it’s zero gravity. Fake gravity is achieved by magnetic boots. Hence the restraining arms for the bed and floating bed sheet.

It’s about 60% done at the moment, and I used displacement modifier for the first time for the bed sheet.

Gosh… I wanted to add a human … Well, it sounded so much easier. Apparently, it was not.

I had gone through hellish time. Eventually, it came down to either Makehuman or Daz3D to create a human figure and then import it to Blender. And then I needed to learn rigging and how to manipulate it. I also needed to learn hair particles in Cycles.

My brain went through near a meltdown. All to add a simple figure in the renders below…

I finally understand how rigging works somewhat and have some levels of understanding in human figures in Blender. Above render is not a complete scene. But I decided to render it with 500 samples.

It is supposed to be a space station lobby with glass walls. My previous works, the space ships, were appended.

It’s coming along very nicely Sura_tc. I’ve been struggling for a while now, trying to learn how to create spaceships with interiors. So I have an extra appreciation for how much work this is.

What’s the little white smiley face creature? He’s on that last render of the space station lobby. But was also next to the fighter on an earlier post.

The creature is sort of a mascot for me. I did create him as a 2D pixel art to use it on forum of my site. I used to use him as forum emoticons but decided to bring him back in 3D as I became more comfortable with Blender.

I will say that Blender is an amazing tool. Months ago, I had absolutely no idea what this application was about and used to spend money to purchase Daz3D assets.

Once I got to know what Blender was capable off and knew how to use it, I feel strongly reluctant purchasing Daz3D assets.

It is more of my own creations vs someone else’s creations. Obviously, my own creations reflect my intentions the best.

In the render from my previous post, the lone figure was wearing pants and shirt. His name is Cecil and he isn’t supposed to wear those. He is supposed to wear a crimson robe. It took me about 6 hours but I did managed to create his robe along with his clan emblem.

I’ve yet to model his boots but the robe is complete. I could probably darken the robe texture.

To sum it up, Blender has allowed me to express the vague images in my head. For free of charge, might I add. Yes, it is hard to learn Blender but you aren’t paying thousands of USD for it. It’s a small price to pay.

I was able to complete my first character in Blender. The base model was taken from Daz3D Genesis 2 female model. Other than the base model, everything else was done in Blender. The robe, the shoes, hair, eyelashes, and eyes were recreated in Blender cycles.

With this character out of my plan (for now), I am hoping to add few generic humanoid models to feature in the render (space station lobby) above.

Above was made with MakeHuman. I shaped a figure in Makehuman and exported it naked and made the simple spacesuit by using the same method I used to create a robe for my first character. Having done this before, this human figure was completed swiftly in an hour.

And then I worked on the space station lobby. I am planning to add a few more humans but it seems I may be pushing my computer a little. I may be able to add only two or three at most. The viewpoint is starting to lag.

I’ve designed a personal freighter class space vessel.

By lore, this ship is Akabasa class vessel manufactured by Red plate shipyard. This is a small freighter meant for small time traders.

The model is almost done. I forgot to add thrusters on front and I see upon rendering that the plates on front need to be pushed back a little but overall, it is done. I shall add this ship to the space lobby scene I am currently working on.

For a novel ??, your sure your a book writer and not a CG artist ?
Or do you want to make a comic / animation or so ?