VB interface to Blender instead of Python

Anybody knows if there is a way to integrate a VB module to the Code of Blender and be able to play with the different variables directly from a VB window ?
It would be an interesting new way to work with for those who knows how to program in VB. I know that there is a way to execute a VB modules from C++ at least on Window’s systems

The easiest thing would probably just be for you to learn python. It is free to download after all, and there’s plenty of documentation on the Python website. If you can already program it shouldn’t be too hard, and it’s a lot nicer language to use than VB.

Well, I agree with aquaglow, the language of VB is anoying and the best way would be to use python, but, its possible to do it with VB, the only thing you need is an interop threading and some dlls to interact, i dont know if someone has already done those dlls, so probably you need to be write them, ill try and do something about this it sounds intriguing :smiley:

/me barely manages not to post something sarcastic about VB and code jocks who can’t learn anything else.

I doubt that it is very good idea. VB 6 is obsolete and unportable, but hooking up Blender with .NET framework would raise too many unobvious portability issues. In general, however adding other scripting (eg LUA or Java or Perl) might be interesting…


/me runs in circles screaming


I use VB6 because i have it and know how to use it that’s all - on Window’s OS mind you !
I Know that some programmers Prefers to work directly with C++ or other more modern languages - and i guess this is called evolution

For me it would be much easier to build up a better looking GUI then what i have seen up to now with python
The whole environment of VB6 makes it so much easier with all the controls you have over the window’s and fast also for me.

Another point is the fact that i don’t find the way variables on blenders window are presented - Too confusing and i think i could do a more logical and easier presentation in a GUI with VB6 and that would make it more friendly user - I don’t understand why people have not seen this aspect yet about Blender’s - More user friedlyless would attract more user

C++ is 20 years old. But that’s completely irrelevant. What you are talking about is not related to programmingf language you use.

But even if you’ll get VB integrated into Blender you (news FLASH!) won’t be able to use that ‘drop the control on a form’ approach of RAD tools like VB or Delphi. You won’t even get all win32 widgets seamlessly integrated for compatibility, usability, and many other reasons. In fact I doubt that for project like Blender component approach is useful, - it isn’t mostly-UI database frontend (main use of VB) and is not a project for a newbies, who can only drop components on a form (sorry for the last one, it is not about you, isn’t it?). I used VB and Delphi and JBuilder professionally and i can tell you, - for really complex project these ‘just drop the control’ features do more harm than good, although they are a godsend for standard run-of-the-mill applications.

/me thinks if placing a link to Endi’s thread is too crude. :slight_smile:
No, the way things are presented is just fine and better than any of Bill’s inventions. For 3D app at least.

I almost choked then. VB?! Blender?!


  1. Learn Python.
  2. Stop using VB.