Vector blur not working in fluid sim.

Yes i have enabled calculate vector in the fluid sim tab.

And it actually computes blur for other objects but not for the fluid ,

any ideas ?

here a screenshot of the scene , as u can see the image has no blur.

As a guess I suppose it’s because the fluid object for each frame is a separate mesh. It’s not like a single mesh is moving so for a fluid there is no actual speed value that you can use to create vector blur.

nope , i had vector blur before with fluid sims.

There was a bug in blender for a while where vector blur did not work on fluids. I can’t find a reference for what versions that this would have affected. It was fixed well before 2.49 though (latest stable).

strange i have 2.49b. ill try to add blur after in the rendered png sequence.


if anyone knwows what could be , please share.

Tested blender 2.49b and Vector blur does work with fluid sim
fluid_vector_blur.blend (79.7 KB)