Vector blur shadows?

Im trying to use the vector blur for a motion blur, but the shadows do not blur. Is there any way of getting the shadows to blur?


I have exactly the same question. Shadows and reflections do not blur. Does anybody know if it’s possible?


No, it’s not possible with vector blur because the image is blurred as a result of the motion of the geometry at that point in the image and shadows and reflections are not geometry. I might be wrong though, so if someone knows different I’m sure they’ll correct me!

I’m guessing that the only way to fix this is to calculate all the shadows and reflections last?

You can blur reflections, I’ve seen it done before (search around), though I don’t believe you can blur shadows. I’m not exactly a node guru, so I could be wrong.

I can confirm that the only thing that is vector blurred is geometry itself. This does NOT include shadows, or objects in reflections/refractions.