Vector Blur, works in 2.53?


I’ve seen this tutorials on how to do vector blur, and it shows that the render input box got a SPEED and NORMAL on output, I dont know if it is just my computer or my version of blender (got 2.53 beta) but I can only see image, alpha and Z, I can’t see speed or normal :frowning: so is it just me? or is there a workaround on this? or cant blender 2.53 do vector blur?

Cheers in advance!:smiley:

so is it just me?

You need to select these additional Vector and Normal render passes from the Render / Layers panel.

Here is a video demonstration. Go to about minute 21 to see the compositing of the scene. He explains super clearly how to use vector blur.

hehe well thanks alot both of you :slight_smile: