Vector Field Airflow Simulation

(MattVG) #1

I’m attempting to create a vector field to represent air flow through a house. This vector field is to be exported to Unity for final visualization using particles driven by the vector field. Force fields sort of work, but they don’t quite flow properly. My thought is perhaps to somehow use the smoke sim data to drive the vector field, but I’ve no idea how to do this or if this is even possible.

Has anyone tried doing this before or have any sort of insight that might help?

Vector Field Addon being used:

(MattVG) #2

I take it no one has ever used Blender to simulate airflow for export to another engine like Unity?


Are you (still) looking for something like this? Using the same addon.

(MattVG) #4

Yes, I am. The documentation said it could use the smoke sim, but no other info. How did you make it work?


Alright, so I created a quick smoke+fire and with the add-on I generated a VF_Volume without gravity. On the object I’ve created the quick smoke on, you need to add a Physics Force Field>Type: Smoke Flow>Shape: Surface>Domain Object: Smoke Domain. By now you should already be able to see the VF_Volume move along with your smoke. You can increase the Force Fields strength and flow to get a better looking result.

I have to say that I have trouble with exporting the FGA, if I add the FGA to a particle in Unreal, the particles flow sideways. Let me know if it works and if you have any tips for me.

(MattVG) #6

Thank you very much! The FGA will be exported for use in Unity, so I don’t know if the same issues will arise, but I’ll let you know.