Vector graphics

Hey guys i had an assignment for design school (university)

and it was to design 4 icons for use on a web page.

well i chose to use BLENDER fundraising products as my base idea and came up with these icons.

check them out.

please understand that the real versions are cropped at the bottom so you don’t see any of the NASTY lines that are their currently

Have a good one guys


not bad…what program did you use? and did you draw them by mouse?

i used macromedia Free hand 10 (.fh10 file extension)
on a mac G3 450Mhz computer.

how do you mean did i drw them by mouse.

well yes i did use a mouse to draw them. to put in the points and use bezier curves between to control the shape of the curves.

i am looking foward to my mark coz this was pretty good camparitivly compared to some of the others.

there were some real GOOD ones but this is above average

(considering i have never used a MAC and never used a Vector program previously i am pretty pleased)

p.s. my friends at UNI say that it looks like me if i were to wear tighter clothes LOL

hope you get a good grade…about the mouse drawing, I was thinking that maybe you used the wacon(?) digital pen; don’t know if it can be used in vector.

got a “B”

so not too bad on the marks for it

looks interesting! freehand 10? kewl… 8)