Vectorized Export from Blender

Vectorized export Blender -> CAD (dxf)

1.) Save SVG file with Freestyle. You can use any angle of course. Use the SVGwriter for Blender/Freestyle.
2.) Open the svg in Inkscape. Save as DXF.
3.) Open in your CAD Programme of choice. (I recommend DraftSight)

Works with heavy scenes. Now we can use Blender for Building Information Modeling / Urbanism :yes:

This is an example of a top down masterplan. Just a test, but Freestyle rendered this in a few minutes. Not much processor load so I guess it could be faster.

Blender 3d model.

Ortographic camera


Draftsight (could beLibreCAD, AutoCAD, Microstation or whatever.) You can save in DWG from here.

PyroGXPilot for a complex scene your best option is Freestyle as in martin tutorial here, hope it gets more love from developer though, at least it should work from parameter editor mode…

That script works very nice if you want to export filled polygons. It is a shame that Inkscape cannot translate polygons to DXF, you have to translate the polygons to Paths, and then if you export to DXF all the polygons will be intact, which means that you loose the foreground / background lines, all blends together in one plane. Freestyle cuts away the hidden geometry. But that script would be very useful if Inkscape could export filled polygons to DXF!

So did you make those curves with Blender, exported to some format and then import back to Blender ?