Vegetation - your recommendations, please

Hi guys,

I’m in archviz, mostly doing renovation projects in the city, but now also got a client from the countryside who wants to do a couple of projects. I’ve looked at several options so far, which were botaniq, Tree Vegetation (which can add moss, I love that!!) and Real Trees.

What I couldn’t figure out myself:
Concerning “city” environments specific to my work:

For terraces on roofs, I need trees growing in containers. That means, those trees can’t develop naturally, but grow high and thin, with a small treetop, which makes them ideal for terraces, since they don’t block the view too much. I need an addon that lets you either control trunk proportions, or crown size/position, or simply offers such trees.

Concerning “country” environments specific to my work:

I need to create fast, but still very good looking fir/deciduous/mixed woods. I found speed mentioned specifically at “Tree Vegetation”, but no low poly models for scattering. “Real Trees” offers those. No mention I found in “botaniq”. Sometimes, they’re far away, sometimes right behind the building.

In general, what I miss most in those addons/libraries:

  1. Trees look like they were cut off, then stuck into the ground, that sometimes also goes for branches on the trunk
  2. branches wind like snakes. they follow rounded curves horizontally, but in reality that only happens vertically through weight
  3. trees practically never have roots! This is about as essential as branches, at least I’d expect them to start showing at the bottom. I don’t know how hard this would be to implement, but essentially it’s like vines growing out the bottom, spreading close to the surface.

Seeing my “issues” - what would you recommend, except downloading complete models (slow, expensive) or simply sticking it :joy:

I just wanna purchase really soon and spend well.

Edit: just found “The Grove”. Looking best so far, any experiences?

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