Vehicle : Coyote X (new Yafray render)

Lightning only by Ambiant Occlusion :


Whats ambient occlusion?

try searching first.
its a new lighting technique in the current builds to get those nice looking shadows.

Nice model, nice render…perfectb…but it will look better(more realistic) without the rendom alias. Anyway good job :smiley:

Wow, good job, nice finnal render. Even though it looks realistic, I dont really like shade of red u used; I would like a brighter shade, but the color u have now looks more true to life. :wink:

nice render, like all your finished render :slight_smile:

Very nice, but it’d look better with a directional light as well as the AO. Are you going to do a yafray render?


A new render with Yafray using hdri :

The first is very good, but is too bright…

Second one… WOW… stunning!!



Wow, great job on that second render!


it’s the speedtiti styleeeeeee !

yeahhhh cool man !

awesome job as always :wink:

I’m having trouble with the modling. Perhaps make it a little lest hourglass shaped, and maintain a relatively similar width throughout the whole vehicle? Other than that, I quite like it. Keep it up.

pleeease stop modeling that way!!! :smiley:

Nice car!
Post your .xml code if you would please.

Post your .xml code if you would please.

Hum, it’s 100 Mo size :expressionless:

I mean just the lower part of the code
that shows the lights , camera and render settings.

Hmmm… The AO render is too grainy, but the YAF-RAY render is perfect!

How long did the YAF-RAY render take?