Vehicle Joints steering problem

Currently I working on my new car of rigid body joint’s 6DOF. Seems good. But my plan of steering front wheels not :frowning:
The front wheels copy the rotation from object between them (“track”).
I think the idea is good but what’s wrong with this script is?

Thanks for any Ideas :o

It is not real good solution but you can put the script logic bricks on tap.The wheels don’t spin as much then.

here ya go,


you may want “spindles” that copy the rotation,

and RBJ your wheels to that,

this way they can copy the rotation, and still turn :smiley:

ok here ya go,

added spindles,
this one moves and steers

edit:Need to look through all your set up, there is something set wrong

@ @BluePrintRandom
sorry but I can’t open that link I mean I reset 3 times my router,use IE;Chrome;Opera and nothing I don’t have idea why :frowning: . You also?

I am having issues uploading to BA, so I pasted it,

No I can download it, just can’t upload it to BA,

I’ll try and shoot you a example, if my midget gives me a minute :smiley:

import bgefrom mathutils import Vector
cont = bge.logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
scene = bge.logic.getCurrentScene()
target= scene.objects['Target']
X = target.worldPosition.copy()
X.z = X.z
distance = own.getDistanceTo(X)
vec = own.getVectTo(X)[1]
force = vec * X1*distance
m1  = own.worldOrientation.copy()
m2  = target.worldOrientation.copy()
dif = Vector((m2 * m1.inverted()).to_euler())
x = dif.magnitude
force1 = own['Force']*own.mass
own.applyTorque(dif * force1*x, 0)
force.z = force.z+own.mass*9.8
own.applyForce(force/distance, 0)

this code is using “Target” you can easily change it to “track”

next, each tracking object needs properties X1 and Force,
X1- Torque Track To
Force - Force Move To

So X1 -should be 0

Force should not be 0

(this script is for copying position OR orientation using forces and/or torque,

Need to look through all your set up, there is something set wrong

You’re right something wrong is with set up. Works but very strange, the wheels is not straight. Hmm I’ll think about repair that.

Thanks for this Idea of usings forces torque

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