Vehicle Physics - Lose Wheels + Tires

Hello. I’m working on a stunt/derby game called Burning Rubber ( My question is:

Is it possible to have a vehicle lose its wheel or get a flat tire using the car wrapper?

I know how I can fake losing a wheel using parenting (have the normal wheels as empties and parent “fake” wheels to these that lose their parenting when you crash for example). But I’m wondering if there is any way to remove the wheel constraint using python or modify the constraint (for getting a flat tire you set the wheel radius down a bit etc.).

So yeah, if anyone can suggest anything or can tell me a way around the flat tire problem please post. Thanks,


a flat tire could be done by using soft body i guess…

How about setting the radius as a property, and running that through the init script. Then when you get a flat tyre, change the property, and fire the init script again?

Well I’m not sure what the init script is actually doing. Is it adding the wheels or just sorting out the constraints? Because I messed around a bit and made it so the init part always ran but this gradually slowed the game down more and more until around 12fps. I’ll give it a shot though :slight_smile: Thanks.

EDIT: Hmmm. It worked in the sense that the wheel radius changed like it should but it messes up the steering and if you’re accelerating it will make the car always drive forward at a high velocity… Nearly there anyway. Also, making it so you can only accelerate and turn etc. when init is 1 does help with the acceleration problem but the game will run slow if you keeping holding down the “puncture tire” key for a while because it is adding the wheels over and over again I think.