Veloce CV 33 / L3-33 (Cycles)


Hi all:

This model is a vehicle I present the Italian league: Truck Veloce CV-33 or L3-33 (light). And in this case modele one that was equipped with flamethrowers and wearing his armored tank with fuel. It has a very complete history and participated in several battle fronts since 1933. Vehicle has no turret body. As the current tanks. These cars were manufactured jointly by Fiat and Ansaldo.

As always comments and suggestions are most welcome.

Best regards.

PS to my blog there are several details of the progress in modeling


pretty darn nice.

Very cool. The textures really sell it. It all works really well.

It looks pretty real. I see a lot of work in the details. Good job!

Very realistic, compliment! For the top of the realism, I’d add a little dirty/mud/grass…

Thank you all.

If you really need a bit of mud and dirt and wear.

Well is in the desert and the mud is complicated there. Let’s see if I can add some small bushes and dust. (The textures of dust and mud I have them pending. It never left me.)

Greetings to all and forever grateful for the comments, which both help to improve the models.

Gracias a todos.

Si en verdad falta un poco de barro y más suciedad y las llevas.
Bueno esta en el desierto y es algo complicado el barro en ese lugar. Deja a ver si lo puedo agregar unos pequeños arbustos y más polvo. (La texturas de polvo y barro las tengo pendientes. No me ha salido nunca.)

Saludos a todos y siempre agradecido por los comentarios, que tanto ayudan a mejorar los modelos.


Nice model and textures!

Tracks do not fit the rest of the model, at least colour-wise. Background is a bit low res too, taking down realism.

Good work.

Very nicely modeled. Thing only addition I would make is to dirty up the bogies and put some cuts in the trailing wheels. The trailing wheels look to be solid rubber so they would have some stone damage.

Thanks, Now the background is more in line with the set. :slight_smile:

If the wheels are solid and hit a bit to show the damage

After several suggestions and feedback. Perform a series of adjustments in the model and this is the result.

Thanks for your comments


The model an its textures are great but the background does a lot more harm than good.

The modeled environment directly behind the vehicle ends almost exactly in line with the vehicles “roof” which results in a quite uneasy composition.
The backgroundimage doesn’t follow the same lighting as the rest of the scene and the rocks in the backgroundimage look very big compared to how far they probably are since that’s supposedly a hill.

If you’ll get the environment right you’ll have a great image, as of now you’d probably be better off without it.

It’s a very nice model so if you’re going to have an environment I think you should have one that does the model justice. :slight_smile:

Great model there but add juuuust a bit bevel (maybe do it manually and not as modifier) the reason is that you can’t bend metal 90 degrees in real life and make it a sharp corner. I know it adds many faces to do it but it’s what makes a model realistic… awesome work nevertheless!

Thank you for comment.

I’m working on changing the stage of the vehicle. As for the steel plates at 90 ° will tell you that mine is missing because it is not well defined welding. And in this case gives a false ilución from a folded piece. Moreover in real life are sheets of different caliber. Let refine welds and thus give greater realism.

Greetings and thank you very much.

A new view, with integration in a real scenario.



These improve the image of the scene with focus on more effective DOF and conversion to photography in black and envejesida blanci.

I hope you like the result obtained.

Updated and composition nodes of the images.


The B&W version is simply great!!!
Very convincing!
Well done, excellent.

Wow you do like tanks don’t you ? :smiley: