i just finished watching all 3 of the Jurassic Park movies. so, as you can imagine, i’m in a serious mood for modeling some dinosaurs. my particular interest is a raptor. BUT… i seriously suck at modeling… i mean, i can do some simple stuff, but i want to be able to model a high-quality raptor that i can rig and animate… any tips?

and, don’t go about saying for me to start simple and go up. i’ve been using blender for over a year now.

Dude what a coincidence. I’m working on a dinosaur game with some other guys…I’l send you the link to the site, so you can check it out. :wink:

well, there is a repository where you could perhaps find a pre-rigged dinosaur, but you stated that you want to model one from scratch. Im no expert at modeling 4 weeks of blender experience but I have to ask the question :

what type of modeling method do you want to use?

If I may say that perhaps google could be your ally by supplying you with a template/reference photo for a raptor. THen you could work your way up from that, that would be my advice.

btw im also a huge fan of the velociraptor, my fav of all time :slight_smile:

funny thing is…I just finished watching all 3 Lord Of The Rings films, and ive got my eyes set on modelling a balrog in the (very far) future

i’m going for a realistic look. and i found a great side image thanks to google. now i just need a front image…