My newest sculpt. Rendered in cycles at 500 samples. 200k faces with a normal map applied.

Was it sculpted in Blender with Dyntopo or Multi-Res? Looks good! Seems like you have some more detailing work to do, especially the wrinkles and skin details around the body. The head looks like it’s nicely done. :slight_smile:

It was sculpted in zbrush. I had a lot more detail but it got lost when importing into blender because it can’t handle the face count that zbrush can on my computer.

See here is a quick render of the zbrush one at 10 million faces.

Ah. I have the same issue here. My ZBrush performs so much better than Blender, but I mainly use it for sculpting, and transfer all of it into Blender for rendering. The sculpt you have is pretty nice! I wonder what’s your workflow with the normal maps in ZBrush? It would be awesome if we didn’t lose any detail from ZBrush, ya know.

The Blender viewport can actually handle 10 million polygons in solid mode if you go to the preferences and turn the VBO option on (just don’t expect to do much in editmode).

Cycles should be able to handle it too without sky high memory usage (there’s been significant reductions in peak memory). Blender’s upgraded decimation modifier should also be good enough now to smartly reduce the polygon count where detail isn’t so dense.

Oh okay thanks I didn’t know that I will give it a shot. I had it at 200k because the person I created this for wanted it around that number but I want to try to get some better detailed blender renders to show it off in my portfolio.

hi guies, I’ve posted a little guide about zbrush/blender workflow that may help.

I teport a bug in it and it´s due to uvs out of bound.

anyway, you can sculpt freely in Zbrush with dynamesh, once happy, make a quick retopo in Z brush, sculpt detail. Export level 0 to blender, make your final topology, unwrap the model, export it to zbrush, project your new mesh on the detailed one and then fix bugs and add detail.

set your uvmap size, set normal baking and then bake your normal, displacement in zbrush.
you can also bake crease map using the mask by crease option in Zbrush and then convert it in the texture option.
then in the left zbrush pannel where textures are, you can export/save generated textures.

nuce sculpt BTW :slight_smile: