Hello, Community! I sculpted Velvet in ZBrush and used Blender for rendering, hair, necklace, and some minor sculpting. This time I really had fun with setting up materials hohho
I’m contrasting here soft/cloudy materials with sharp/metal accessories to show her personality :white_heart:

Oh, I discovered some trick! You see, sometimes it’s hard to get a highlight in the eyes, but it really important to have it. In this scene, the main light for the face super high, and eyes can’t catch it. So I added transparent shader for the eyes. And put super little spheres inside the eyeballs with emission material on it.

And here we go! ^ v ^)

I would love to hear your thoughts about this character!
Also, I’m hosting #DTIYS for her on my Instagram QwQ give it a try if you are interested! (I’m giving away a commission hoho)

Thanks for watching! Hope my little tip can be useful! :white_heart:v :white_heart:


That is a good idea for the eyes, its a really nice look.

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Is avoiding the pupils a stylistic choice? It makes the eyes look a bit creepy.

@jskksj Oh! Good to hear! ^ v ^)

@Xeofrios yes :> I wanted a marble ball vibe

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Sorry, I forgot to add the link:

So cool! Thank you :white_heart: You too!

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You’ve been doing that since Marcos now and i’ve been wanting to ask you, that transparency you are adding to the skin makes it feel like some sort of silicone made, that’s the effect you’re trying to get?


It’s a Subsurface ^>^ I’m using 0.02 (can differ depending on the scale and the final result you want). Also, I’m using a light red color for it, some artists use bring orange.

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