Venator-class Star destroyer - imperial version

Hey Guys,
This is an Imperial version of the Venator Cruiser from Episode 3. I also did a turntable animation.
On YT:
On Artstation:


It looks very very accurate!

Thanks :smiley:

The Venator has always been one of my favorite ships, and I think you captured it very well here. Looks like it would fit perfectly into the films. I do think it would be pretty cool if you did some renders of a few of these things in space, though, similar to the scene in Revenge of the Sith or scenes in The Clone Wars tv series.

yea, I thought so myself. I even did a whole spacescene in Blender, but when placing the venator into the scene, my PC was reaching its limits and became very slow. I did render it, but I couldn’t composite, because it took years to update.
Here is the Space scene I prepared:

If someone wants to try it, I could send him the .blend files


Send them over my man! I’d love to try and composite that!

Yes please! I would love to try! Could you send them over?
My mail: [email protected]